Software Engineering Services

Star Technologies runs a mature software engineering organization in India. Our development center in Jaipur provides our clients with high quality software development services. The assurance of mature software engineering processes incorporating our experience and best practices over last decade working for some of the most demanding global corporations, helps our clients in finishing projects in time and within budget.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, where every advantage counts, the ability to focus on your key imperatives makes all the difference.

As the technology environment continues its rapid pace of change, more and more companies consider outsourcing for both strategic and tactical objectives. When analyzed, the quantitative and qualitative results of both are compelling, and include the following:

  • Development centers in Jaipur
  • Marketing & Customer Support Offices in Jaipur, Kathmandu, California
  • Extended teams
  • IP protection
  • Overnight turnaround
  • Development of products and components
  • Maintenance of existing products
  • Customer support of existing and phased out products

Technology competency center support, maintenance, training and programming manpower Star Technologies is designed to enable easy integration with your existing infrastructure. However every enterprise is unique and you may have specific requirements. Our professional services can ensure that you achieve the best possible solution using your existing infrastructure.