Enterprise Applications

Just ten years ago most leading companies became focused on the concept of integrated business processes and information systems. A key success factor in achieving competitive advantage was substantially improving internal operations. So back then the objectives seemed simple-streamline operations, reduce costs and integrate information.

Now the economic downturn, coupled with a fiercely competitive and cost-sensitive environment, has created a situation in which “internal” focus is insufficient for successfully managing an enterprise. Understanding the critical nature of collaboration, today’s successful companies have expanded their sphere of influence and relationships to encompass all constituents: suppliers, customers, regulators and investors.

Through a highly results-driven collaborative process, our team of technology and process experts:

  • Assess the client’s business strategy and the implications of process and systems change on the enterprise (both internally and externally).
  • Compare and contrast different vendor offerings to select the most appropriate solution, thanks to our deep understanding of each vendor’s capability.
  • Align processes throughout the company on the basis of consistent criteria.
  • Apply our applications expertise to develop a tight integration of systems and business processes.
  • Ensure a smooth transition of systems skills and knowledge transfer to our customers through skilled project and change-management resources.