Description: AutoBooom is an interactive DMS software for automotive industry. This software is conceived and prepared by a team of experienced software engineers and automotive consultants. The software is developed by using Visual Basic as a front end and MS-Access /SQL Server as a back end. AutoBooom is the automobile sale and service management system, which is a combined software to manage showroom and workshop, including complete accounting and inventory management. This software can be used in showrooms as well as in workshops to manage the total accounting and inventory.
All the features of Auto Booom are presented in the below slideshow:

Key Features
  • Integrated Accounting with Vehicle Sales, Service and Spares Modules.
  • SMS Module in both Showroom and Workshop.
  • Thanks/ Reminder Letter in Regional Language (Editable).
  • Gate Pass System in both Vehicle Sales and Service Modules**.
  • Export facility to MS EXCEL
  • E-mail System for Reports**.
  • Search Engine for generate Dynamic Reports.**
  • Supporting Dot Matrix, Desk Jet and Laser printers.
  • Multiple formats of Sale Invoice Printing.
  • Insurance Module Entry Form with Premium Calculation**
  • Stock Checking using Gauge.
  • Discount Master in Workshop Module**
  • View of all Transaction with Zooming.
  • Powerful Security System.
  • Automatic offline Backup System.
  • User Friendly.
  • Data Freezing.**
Features of Accounts
  • VAT Register with Detail and Summary.
  • Service Tax and Sale Tax Reports
  • Ledger Dues Aging Report.
  • Interest Posting by Single Click
  • Budgeting
  • Cheque Return Handling.
  • Alert over Credit Limit.**
  • Confirmation of Accounts
  • Bank Book, Cash Book & Day Book
  • Zooming up to the Transaction Level.
  • Bank Reconciliation System
  • Interest Calculation.
  • Trial Balance (Account wise/ Group wise)
  • Trading and P & L Accounts.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Cash Flow
  • Voucher Entry (All Types) with Standard Narration
Training & Support
  • Full one day onsite Training at the time of First Installation would be provided by Star Technologies.
  • Online User Manual.
  • Onsite Support / Personal Visit.
  • Customer Care Number.
  • Remote based Support through various Remote access Tools
  • Other options available like Chat, Call & Virtual access etc
Salient Features
  • Sale Report by :
    • Financer/ Financer Branch/ DSA wise.
    • Month wise/ Model wise/ Model Group wise.
    • Sales Executive/Agent/ Broker wise.
    • City/ Taluka/ Tehsil/ Area wise.**
    • Sub Dealer/ Co-Dealer Wise.
    • Model/Colour wise.
    • Location wise.
  • Stock Report:
    • Physical & As Per Books
    • Closing Stock by Location/ Colour
    • Stock at Fabricator Location.
    • Stock with Sub Dealer(Agent)
    • Branch/ Stock Transfer system **
  • Parts Stock Reports:
    • Parts Group wise Closing Stock Report (Oil & Accessories etc.)
    • Multiple Store wise Closing Stock Report.**
    • Slow/ Non Moving Stock Report.
    • Bin No. Wise Closing Stock
  • Parts Sale Reports :
    • Sale Reports(Counter Sale & Against Job Card)
    • Group wise Sale Report (Oil, Lubricants & Accessories etc.)
    • Cash and Credit Sale Register.
    • Sale Return Register.
  • Enquiry Management System with Graphical Reports Analysis.
  • CRM Register.
  • Sale Performance Report based on Sale Target.**
  • Registration System.**
  • Vehicle Registration and Insurance ManagemenT.
  • Sub Dealer Management (Authorized & Brokers).
  • Service Book and Battery Inventory.
  • Customer/ Party and Financer Due Report.
  • Complete Fabricator System (for Three wheelers and Four Wheelers)
  • Vehicle Registration System.**
  • Purchase/ Sale Return.
  • Vehicle wise Profit Report.
  • Vehicle Registration No. Allotment System.**
  • Model & Purchase Invoice wise Purchase Register.
  • Vehicle Allotment System.**
  • Vehicle Registration & Insurance Payment System.
  • Free Service Coupon Report as per Company Format
  • Labour Register & Outside Labour Register.
  • Automatic Vehicle History Cards.
  • Top N Number of Complaints.**
  • Job Card Register(Pending, Closed and Re-Open History Job Card).
  • Consumption Based/Manual Based Purchase Order.
  • Re-order level based Purchase Order.**
  • Warranty Claim Form as per the Company Formats.
Common Features
  • Data Export /Import between Show Room & Work Shop.
  • Summarized Report of Daily Work in just One Click.
  • Option to add your own footer with Every Document.
  • Date Specific Transaction Locking Facility.**
  • Missing Documents Report.
  • Documents Printing for a Specific Range.
Service Offered
  • Telephonic
    • Call on Customer Care Phone numbers
    • Technical Service would be provided through Web
    • Latest Package is always available on our web Site
    • You can always Download the Latest Package from our Software
  • Man Power
    • On Site Quick Support
    • Remote Access
    • Two computers would be connected via Internet and Clients problem would be solved within couple of minutes